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"Like a pudding cup in a tuxedo..."

Vanilla Bliss

The taste that started it all. Our luxuriously creamy, original custard is made with premium ingredients and flavored with real vanilla. Irresistible alone or paired with your favorite recipies 

Chocolate Coconut Craze

We crafted an amazing plant-based chocolate custard experience by finding the perfect balance of sweetness, rich dark cocoa, and a coconut finish delivered with a smooth rich texture

Fall Spice - Fall Seasonal

Fall in love with this buttery vanilla custard seasoned with our own perfectly balanced blend of warm autumn spices. 

Chocolate Decadence

Our original custard recipe featuring a healthy dose of 100% cacao. Our custard packs all of the flavor intensity you expect without the bitterness commonly associated with dark chocolate bars.

Vanilla Coconut Cream

A smooth, creamy, and light plant-based vanilla custard made with a kiss of coconut and real vanilla 

Gingerbread - Winter Seasonal

Cozy up with this limited seasonal flavor. Our smooth custard featuring warm ginger, spices, and molasses.

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